mizundastoodluv (mizundastoodluv) wrote,

Things happen for a reason... but could good come out of this?

Well... Evan got caught drinking and supposedly was punished and could not see me anymore. That was fine so we broke up because of it, but it was almost to the point that he didn't want anything else to do with me. Well Tell me why I go to the mall yesterday with Bobby and Evan is there with his new g/f Shannon Rothwell. Yea what a nice punishment! That's great I felt like such a low life for liking him as much as I did and thinking he liked me as much as he said he did.

So this leaves me in a whole again. It seems the people or shall I just say person I always find myself crushing on just sees me as his best friend. That always feels real good, and you want to tell him and explode and you kinda have but then it just goes back to point A all over again.

I hung out with Bobby all day yesterday. He called me up and said be ready I am coming to get you. So we went to the mall and it was run into ex day! I not only ran in Evan but I ran into Justin too. It was great. Bobby is coming to get me after school gets out. We are going to hang out or find something to do... who knows exactly what.

My "sunshine" was all decked in yellow today! LOL I showed him the keychain I got and he just smiled and said aww I want that! So... well see Sunshine.

Ashley was so0o0o funny at lunch today. Ok so i was like do you want fries for lunch and she was like yea. Ok so we get in line and there is a sign that says No large fries except for buying A lunch. Well Ashley precieved that to be A Lunch B Lunch type deal and tried to stay in line and get french fries. I had to laugh at that one. That one was great. "Ash thank you, everyday you give me something to smile about and that is absoultley great!

I am going to go I left last period and have decided to sit here online for a little while and see what I can get into.

I am pissed off that the weather wasn't bad enough to close. Days of Our Lives is getting really really good with the whole Belle and Shawn story line and Chole and Brady story line. Both of which Shawn and Brady are both very rapeable! HA

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