mizundastoodluv (mizundastoodluv) wrote,

Some People Wait a Lifetime.....

Wow... what a day anyone could ever have! I woke up at the ass crack of dawn to my Mom pouncing on the bed! Ate breakfast... yummy french toast and then got a shower. I was headed over to Chatanooga for a day that I will never ever forget.

Mom was low on gas so we stopped in Georgia and got gas. Well my mom cashed in some lotto tickets and won about 15 dollars. Then she bought six more and we were on our way. As we were driving down the highway she said scratch them off... and when I scratched one off it said MEGA. Well on this lotto ticket how ever much the prize is... it's five times that. Well I scratched off almost all of it and it said 10... well I continued to scratch a little more... and tell me why I scratched off another zero and won 500! Yep so there was Happy Time numero uno!

I finally got to Ballet Tennesse... which is a very high ranked studio in TN. More then half of there dancers go professional. Well I wanted to check the class out. I met the owners Barry and Anna Van Cura. Very very nice personable people. Barry asked me if I had been in watching the class and i said no and he grabbed me by the arm and said "oh follow me" I went and sat in the last 20 minutes of this ballet technique class! Beautiful! I just wanted to cry and ask myself why I stopped doing something I loved and was good at. Well Barry and Anna have personally invited me to there dance class on Monday night. I am going to dance for an hour and a half, and then dance by myself on pointe. They have also invited me down for a show they are doing in March. If anyone has ever saw Center Stage, this is the way they teach. They teach both males and females and pick dancers to go out in the real world. On March 28th I am going to be flying back down because they want me to personally meet the two dancers from the ABA in New York. It is like this is my opportunity and if I don't jump at it I am going to be missing out on alot.

I also got something done to my hair... don't ask but it looks pretty and got my eye brows waxed. My mom went home to get my hair dresser medicine and then when we came back she gave me a make over and painted my nails.

Went to Goody's and got three pair of jeans and three shirts! Went to Walmart got socks and a few head bands!

I am having such a good time here. Yea I miss my friends and stuff... but I only have a "few" good friends... the rest are just acqaientences. Yea I miss my Dad and Sue, and Ashley and Derek, and I miss the Cats fighting with each other and hell... I even miss Ashley saying "fuck you im ashley" It doesn't seem like it would be that bad here.

I have alot happening that has all just jumped out of no where. And I know what my heart says is what I want to do but I hate having to make those decisions that tear me between people.

I know it sounds so damn cheesy... but when your in my shoes... and "your waiting for that moment..." well I have my moment....
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