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mizundastoodluv's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Sep 2003|01:58pm]
I love you all.
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[16 Sep 2003|12:05pm]
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It's been a while... [09 Mar 2003|11:53am]
Hey guys. Yes I do still update this thing... when I have time. Geez though with Lacrosse starting now I don't ever really get online. I come home from school check my email and then go out with friends. I need to talk about getting more hours at work. These $100.00 paychecks aren't going to cut it for me unfortuantly.

Friday I went on a field trip to Towson University for the Model UN. It was so much fun. It carried on into Saturday. I had so much fun representing Spain and getting up and debating infront of people. It was great. Not only was it a good experience but I made friends out of it too. I got videotaped for the educational channel!!! Yippee!

Been trying to go up to the covered bridge... got up there Friday night and ended up getting out. Everytime we got out though a car would come past... so we just left.

Yesterday I had to work. 1-9. No biggie. I look working with Bryan and Evan. They making working fun! I don't like working with Mike anymore. With him being the manager now... he thinks that he is hot shit, and I don't agree with it and I told him what I thought last night and got yelled for it. I think that after I pay this money off I am probably going to being getting fired or just over all quitting.

Today I have to work... no biggie, it's Sunday an easy day! Zach wants me to go to his house and watch a movie with him but I have so much stuff to do... we'll see.

Tomorrow is a dreadful B-day. Yippee... I hate B day's. First and third period aren't bad just freaking Math, UGH! Have Lacrosse practice outside tomorrow. I hope it isn't super dooper cold out because my hands get really numb holding the stick. I am also going to have my Dad call up Baltimore County and have him get a copy of birth certificate so I can go get my lerners!

Well I am going to go talk to a few people then head off to work!
<33 Ashley MaRie
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hmm... [02 Mar 2003|09:37am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Well yep from reading Ash's journal you know what has gone on this weekend. Well I can't take all the screaming and yelling back and forth that goes on. My mom just wants me to come down and move down there with her, but there are a few people holding me back... I don't know if I could start over knowing that there not going to be right beside me. For now on I am not asking for anything. All I know is that this house is just going to be used as my shelter. I will use it to sleep get a shower and use the bathroom. I have to go get a shower and dressed for work. I need all the possible money I can get.

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Things happen for a reason... but could good come out of this? [24 Feb 2003|01:43pm]
Well... Evan got caught drinking and supposedly was punished and could not see me anymore. That was fine so we broke up because of it, but it was almost to the point that he didn't want anything else to do with me. Well Tell me why I go to the mall yesterday with Bobby and Evan is there with his new g/f Shannon Rothwell. Yea what a nice punishment! That's great I felt like such a low life for liking him as much as I did and thinking he liked me as much as he said he did.

So this leaves me in a whole again. It seems the people or shall I just say person I always find myself crushing on just sees me as his best friend. That always feels real good, and you want to tell him and explode and you kinda have but then it just goes back to point A all over again.

I hung out with Bobby all day yesterday. He called me up and said be ready I am coming to get you. So we went to the mall and it was run into ex day! I not only ran in Evan but I ran into Justin too. It was great. Bobby is coming to get me after school gets out. We are going to hang out or find something to do... who knows exactly what.

My "sunshine" was all decked in yellow today! LOL I showed him the keychain I got and he just smiled and said aww I want that! So... well see Sunshine.

Ashley was so0o0o funny at lunch today. Ok so i was like do you want fries for lunch and she was like yea. Ok so we get in line and there is a sign that says No large fries except for buying A lunch. Well Ashley precieved that to be A Lunch B Lunch type deal and tried to stay in line and get french fries. I had to laugh at that one. That one was great. "Ash thank you, everyday you give me something to smile about and that is absoultley great!

I am going to go I left last period and have decided to sit here online for a little while and see what I can get into.

I am pissed off that the weather wasn't bad enough to close. Days of Our Lives is getting really really good with the whole Belle and Shawn story line and Chole and Brady story line. Both of which Shawn and Brady are both very rapeable! HA

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Horoscope for Gemini! [21 Feb 2003|11:37am]
Since no one is refereeing this game, you have to call all the shots. If you are going to succeed, you're going to have to find your own stopping point. As the Stars change position, there are no easy endings right now. Your diehard commitment to the cause could suck you in far deeper than you ever intended to go. It might be too late to turn back, but there's still time to call for help. Your pride should not be a factor in your decisions.

These things are scaring me... Why are they so true?
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Gemini's Daily Horoscope.... Scary... very Scary [20 Feb 2003|03:00pm]
You're pulled by typical -- and opposing -- urges. You just want to be yourself, but you want to do even better. As long as all feelings are positive, a compromise between them should be at the worst, painless and at best, highly satisfying. Look to the people who know you best for some sort of guidance. If you can't make up your own mind, at least you can count on others to give you their honest opinions. There's really no rush to move ahead if you aren't ready.
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Woo Hoo! [18 Feb 2003|04:16pm]
Guys I made it! I kicked ass at my audition and I made it! Who know's where this will take me, but something that I have finally wanted for a very long time has come true.

"The best way to make our dreams come true is to wake-up"

I finally did........
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It's raining it's pouring..... [16 Feb 2003|04:43pm]
Well instead of getting the blizard of 2003.... I am getting the terential down fall of rain!

Guys save me snow okies... I wanna go sledding and build a big snowman and have lot's of fun!

Who knows when I will be home... with the snow in MD and the terrible rain and fog who know's when I will be home. There was a mud slide on the interstate, and the interstate has been closed. What a great time to travel!
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Some People Wait a Lifetime..... [15 Feb 2003|09:08pm]
Wow... what a day anyone could ever have! I woke up at the ass crack of dawn to my Mom pouncing on the bed! Ate breakfast... yummy french toast and then got a shower. I was headed over to Chatanooga for a day that I will never ever forget.

Mom was low on gas so we stopped in Georgia and got gas. Well my mom cashed in some lotto tickets and won about 15 dollars. Then she bought six more and we were on our way. As we were driving down the highway she said scratch them off... and when I scratched one off it said MEGA. Well on this lotto ticket how ever much the prize is... it's five times that. Well I scratched off almost all of it and it said 10... well I continued to scratch a little more... and tell me why I scratched off another zero and won 500! Yep so there was Happy Time numero uno!

I finally got to Ballet Tennesse... which is a very high ranked studio in TN. More then half of there dancers go professional. Well I wanted to check the class out. I met the owners Barry and Anna Van Cura. Very very nice personable people. Barry asked me if I had been in watching the class and i said no and he grabbed me by the arm and said "oh follow me" I went and sat in the last 20 minutes of this ballet technique class! Beautiful! I just wanted to cry and ask myself why I stopped doing something I loved and was good at. Well Barry and Anna have personally invited me to there dance class on Monday night. I am going to dance for an hour and a half, and then dance by myself on pointe. They have also invited me down for a show they are doing in March. If anyone has ever saw Center Stage, this is the way they teach. They teach both males and females and pick dancers to go out in the real world. On March 28th I am going to be flying back down because they want me to personally meet the two dancers from the ABA in New York. It is like this is my opportunity and if I don't jump at it I am going to be missing out on alot.

I also got something done to my hair... don't ask but it looks pretty and got my eye brows waxed. My mom went home to get my hair dresser medicine and then when we came back she gave me a make over and painted my nails.

Went to Goody's and got three pair of jeans and three shirts! Went to Walmart got socks and a few head bands!

I am having such a good time here. Yea I miss my friends and stuff... but I only have a "few" good friends... the rest are just acqaientences. Yea I miss my Dad and Sue, and Ashley and Derek, and I miss the Cats fighting with each other and hell... I even miss Ashley saying "fuck you im ashley" It doesn't seem like it would be that bad here.

I have alot happening that has all just jumped out of no where. And I know what my heart says is what I want to do but I hate having to make those decisions that tear me between people.

I know it sounds so damn cheesy... but when your in my shoes... and "your waiting for that moment..." well I have my moment....
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Good Morning! [12 Feb 2003|08:37am]
Well here I am on another wonderful B day. Err! Tim picked us up today for school! It wasn't bad at all... we rode behind a big red truck to school! YAY

I am kind of scared to drive home because well Tim says he can make it from School to our house in less then 4 minutes! wA!

Aww I think Evan and I are going to go out soon. I think I am going to ask him.... not really traditional but ya know.... Then me and him can take lot's of pics because in the yearbook we are doing a couples page! Aww.... that would be sweet! Chad we might take a pic of you and Heather too...

Ash's days of driving school are slowing coming to an end! She is hoping to nbe driving by the end of Feburary. That would be awesome! I am going to get her some telephone books!!! wA!

Well I am sitting here in the library bored as anything. Gabe's English class is in the computer lab right now, and Ms. Jone's isn't here. It is complete chaos today!!!

Oh I almost forgot... when we were walking into school all the snow on the buliding blew off and it was like the blizzard of 2003. It was awesome! wA!

Don't ask about the whole wA! It's something my "husband" <~~~ LOL did!
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Bleh! [10 Feb 2003|08:45am]
Well it has been a while since I updated my page.

Damn why couldn't it have snowed just enough for a freaking' 2 hour delay... err!

I am supposed to be in Ms. Doyle's room right now but I left and came to the library to write in here.

Not to much has been going on lately. I leave for Tn in a few days! I am excited!! I get to see my Mom. I am so happy for her. She has lost about 15 pounda since the new year and it makes me feel good!

I am moving in with my Mom for the summer. Can't wait for school to get out so I can go get another job down there. I will be driving when I am down there and it will be alot of fun. Any one that wants to come and join me is more then welcome... hint hint Ashley!!!!!

Well I am off back to class to see what else Ms. Doyle need's me to do!

Always Ashlly Marie!
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Bleh [02 Feb 2003|08:01pm]
[ mood | sick ]

1. Do you wear a watch?: I used too.
2. How many coats and jackets do you own?:approximatly 4 or 5.
3. Favorite pants/skirt color?: denim.
4. Most expensive item of clothing?:probably my levi's... there expensive.
5. What kind of shoes do you wear?: Nikes,Tims,Vans,Etnies.

1. Do your friends 'know' you?: For the most part.
2. What do they tend to be like?: Obnoxious.
3. Are there traits in you that are universally liked?:Yes, my Personality
4. How many people do you tell everything to? 2 people.

1. Favorite band ever?:Don't have a favorite,
2. Most listened to bands:Anything that they play on 105.7 or 99.1
3. Do you find any musicians good-looking?: Quite a few.
4. Can you play an instrument?:The piano.
5. Type of music never listened to?: None

1. Who is the smartest person alive at the moment?: Hmm... my Dad.
2. What do you prefer, a sunny or rainy day?: A day to start off rainy, then turn into sunshine!
3. Do you consider yourself lucky?: If I didn't have luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all.
4. Do you feel pity for people who commit suicide?:Some people think's that is the only way out.... and that's horrible.
5. Choose one word to describe how you feel most often: Confused.

1. Do you own any plaid clothing?: I have a plaid skirt.
2. Do you own converse shoes?: Nah.
3. Do you own saucony shoes?:I once had a pair.
4. Do you own old school nikes?: Yes.
5. Do you wear tight pants?:Sometimes.
6. Is there more than one zipper in your pants?:No.
7. Do you know what a squatter flap is?: Not really.
8. Do you own a messenger bag?: Yes
9. Do you wear your messenger bag across your chest?: Most Certianly do.
10. Do you own braces?:Nope.
11. Are braces worn anywhere besides the mouth?: Never.
12. Do you have short, shaggy hair?: It's short but not shaggy.
13. Does your hairstyle exceed a height of 3 inches?: Only when I take it out of twisties.
14. Would you classify your hair as a deadly weapon?: When it was long I used to whip people in the face with my pony tail.
15. Do you think mohawks are "neat"?: Ewwy... No.
16. Is your hair black or red?: Nope.
17. Do you have a favorite brand of hair dye?: Don't dye my hair.
18. Do you own a bandana?: A few.
19. Do you wear plugs in your ears?: Nope.
20. Are you amused by safety pins?: No!
21. Have you ever used duct tape as a sewing substitute?: LOL, yes!
22. Do you own one or more objects with studs or spikes in them?: Nope.
23. Do you own one or more articles of clothing from dogpile, lip service, or tiger of London: Last time I check.... no!
24. Do you enjoy leopard print?: On a few items...
25. Are you disgruntled?: Nope.
26. Are you an anarchist?: No.
27. Does the American flag anger you?:No!
28. Are you "working class"?: Yes.
29. Do you dislike "preps"?: Nope.
30. Do you dislike Hot Topic?:Not Really.
31. Do you smoke cigarettes?: Nah.
32. Do you smoke cloves?: No.
33. Are you a thin waif?: Nope.
34. Are you vegan/vegetarian?:Nah.
35. Do you think meat is murder?:Nope.
38. Have you ever gone a week without a shower?:Grossies... NO!
39. Have you ever been avoided due to your odor?: I smell so fresh and so clean clean!
40. Do you know who Jack Kerouac is?:Hmm... Nope.
41. Do you like Mr. Kerouac?: Should I?
42. Are you a member of the makeout club?:If that's what you want to call it!
43. Do you say "rad"?: Once in a blue moon!

1. Name: Ashley Marie.
2. Do you like it?:It has a nice ring!
3. Nick-names:Kido, Bobo, A Chicken,
4. Screen names: SemiSweet5, XxShorti2flixX, Semisweet529
5. School: Overlea
6. Birthday: 05.29.87
7. Sign: Gemini.
8. Location: Maryland
10. Status:Single.
11. Crush:A few.
12. Virgin?: Sure am!
13. Natural hair color: Dirty Blonde.
14. Current hair color: Dirty Blonde.
15. Eye color:Blue.
16. Height: 5'7.
17. Weight: 118lbs.
18. Birthplace: Baltimore.
19. Shoe size:7 1/2.

1. Number:1,29
2. Color: Pink and Yellow.
3. Day: Friday.
4. Month: May!
5. Song at the moment: 50 Cent... (in Da Club)
6. Movie: O.
7. Food:Steak.
8. Band: To Many to Name.
9. Sport:Lacrosee.
10. Class:2oo5
11. Teacher: Hmm...
12. Drink: Ice Tea
13. Veggie:Carrots.
14. TV station:MTV and NBC
15. Radio station:105.7 and 99.1
16. Store: Aeropostale and Macys
17. Expression: Sure... OK
18. Animal: Dogs.
19. Flower: Dafodils.
20. State: Maryland.

1. Me or you: You.
2. Coke or pepsi: Coke.
3. Day or night: Night.
4. AOL or AIM: AOL.
5. CD or cassette: CD.
6. DVD or VHS: DVD.
7. Jeans or khakis: Jeans.
8. Car or truck: Car.
9. Tall or short: Tall.
10. Lunch or dinner: Dinner.
11. *Nsync or BSB? : Neither.
12. Gap or Old Navy: Old Navy.
13. Lipstick or lipgloss:LipGloss.
14. Silver or gold: Gold.
15. Alcohol or weed:Alcohol.

1. Do you have a bf/gf?:No.
2. Do you have a crush?: Yes.
3. How long have you liked him/her: A little while.
4. Why do you like this person?: Well I have a crush on a few... so can't really answer!
5. If you're single, why are you single?:School and Work and sports stress me out to much.
6. How long was your longest relationship?: 6 Months
7. How long was your shortest relationship?:3 Days.
8. Who was your first love?:I thought Jeremy.
9. What do you miss about them?:Everything.

1. What is the one thing you would change about your past?:I dont think i would change anything cuz what ever i did made me where i am today.
2. What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?:We have all made mistakes but we should all learn from them.
4. Last thing you saw: My Step Mom get a soda.
5. Last thing you said:" Cute Hair.
6. What is the last TV show you saw?: Made on MTV
7. What is the last song you heard?: Right now... Justin Timberlake "Cry Me a River"

1. Saw?:Mike
2. Kissed?:Evan
3. Who is the last person you hugged?:Evan
4. Fought with?:Mike
5. Were on the phone with?:Ashley

1. What are you wearing?:My aero pjs.
2. What are you doing?: Answering these questions.
3. Who are you talking to?:Brandon.
4. What song are you listening to?:Cry Me a River.
5. Where are you?: Living Room.
6. Who are you with?:All alone.
7. Are you online?: Yes.
8. How are you feeling?: Sick.
9. Are you in a chatroom?:No

1. What day is it tomorrow?:February 3rd.
2. What are you going to do after this?: Write in my journal and go to bed.
3. Who are you going to talk to?:Uhh....
4. Where are you going to go?:Lay in my bed.
5. How old will you be when you graduate?:Depending on the day of graduation... 17 or 18.
6. What do you wanna be?: A journalist
7. What is one of your dreams?: Become a journalist and teach Ballet in my spare time.
8. Where will you be in 25 years?: Hopefully a wonderful Mommy with a great husband.
1. Do you write in cursive or print?: Print.
2. Are you a lefty or a righty?: Righty.
3. What is your sexual preference?:Male.
4. What piercings do you have?:2 in each ear.
5. Do you drive?:Illeaglly.
6. Do you have glasses or braces?: Neither.

lets get dirty

It's been a long time... [01 Feb 2003|08:52am]
Hi Ya! Good Morning. It's been along time since I updated... I know I know, I just hardly have time for myself led alone a journal online.

The past couple days have been good. I got my schedule all figured out after sitting in Pat Browns office trying to figure out what I would do.

GT Engilsh 11
AP US History
Pre- Calculus
GT Physics
Yearbook II
Journalisim II
Film Appreciation
Interior Design

It's a hard schedule... but hey I'll be out soon enough.
Not to much has been going on. Been hanging out alot after school with a whole bunch of people. Yesterday was fun... Hung out with Jason, and Farlow, Chad and Heather, Rob and Meeker... and my sis was there! (save the best for last)

Can't wait to get off work tonight. I work from 11-7. Can;t wait to get out of there. I want to go out, but since I am leaving early I am going to forfiet my tips. Last night I made 10 dollars!I kick ass working up front! I am a people person!

I am going to go get a shower, by the time I figure out what I am going to wear and then I have to walk it will be about 11am.

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thanks ash! [26 Jan 2003|07:22pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Your Name: Ashley Marie

Your Nickname: Bobo-V-Sky, Kido

Your Birthday: May 29th, 1987

You dream about: the things I want but can't have...

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde, with hilites

Eye color:Blue

Skin color: White

Height: 5'7

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Do you care about the way you look?: Not anymore

Do you get tanned?: In the summer

Do you have big ears? Nope...

Do you have contacts or glasses?: sure don't

Are you a(n)...

Wuss: Nah

Class Clown: Not really

Goodie-2-Shoes: When I have to suck up....

Dreamer: unfortuantly yes... but I need to wake up

Drunk: Nay

Freak: ;p

Bitch: I can be

Angel: Sure am!

Have you ever...

Eaten an entire box of Oreo's?: ewwiez

Gotten in a car accident?: yea... t was a Fender Bender.

Watched "Punky Brewster"?: I don't remember...

Hiked a mountain?: the mountian of clothes to get to my bed!

Stayed home on a Saturday night just because?: yip

Paper or Plastic: plastic saves lives!

Deaf or Blind: neither

Truth or Dare: Triple Dog Dare!

Night or Day: Night

Ocean or Pool: Pool

Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla

Cats or Dogs: Dawgies!

Love or Lust: Love

Pancakes or French toast?: French Toast

Bitter or Sweet: Sweet

Silver or Gold: Gold

Smoker or Nonsmoker: Non

Diamonds or Pearls: Diamonds

Hugs or Kisses: A good kiss should always have a hug in it

Bacon Bits or Croutons: Bacon Bits

Shaken or Stirred: Shaken

Taco or Burrito: Taco

Complex or Simple: simply complex

Batman or Superman?: what happened to Spidey?

Nacho Cheese or Cooler Ranch: Nacho Cheese

Sun or Moon: Moon

X's or O's: O's... they go on forever!

Ice crushed or cubed: Crushed

Showers or Baths: Bubble Baths

Ketchup or Mustard: Mustard

In the past week have you...

Cried?: yep

Cut your hair?: I cut little ends everyday

Worn a skirt?: I held one up to me in Aero.

Worn a tie?: Nah

Been mean?: Yeah to my Dad!

Been sarcastic?: yes... my dad is the new Big Ben.

Gone for a walk?: Not that I can remember..

Gone out for dinner?: Gone out to lunch with Adam Rob and Ash

Met someone new?: yeah I met Brian last night.

Talked to an ex: Yep

Missed an ex?: YES

Hugged someone?: Yea

Kissed someone?: Yep

Danced with someone?: everynight!

Had a nightmare?: my life is a living nightmare!

Fought with your parents?: lol Everyday! lol Ash!

Random Questions:

Have you ever pictured your crush naked?: lol yeah buddie

Actually seen your crush naked: I wish!

Been in love: Thought it was love... but love is blind

Lied: Yes

Do you have issues with food: No

Do you stress over your image: when I lay in bed and think.... and say i am going to change.... but then i wake up and not even worry!

Sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to I.M. you: what like I am doing now?

Save aol/aim conversations: sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do!

Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: Wouldn't mind for one day i guess...

Cried because of someone saying something to you: i will be honest... words hurt!


Makes you laugh the most?: Ashley Reber Steph

Makes you smile: Jeremy

Gives you a funny feeling when you see them: Jeremy

Do you have a crush?: Yes

Do video game characters count?: Damn... syke! Nah!

Who are your girl friends that are easy to talk to: Ashley

Who are your guy friends easiest to talk to: Gabe,Austin

Have you ever...

Fallen for your best friend: Yeah

Been rejected: Yeah

Rejected someone: Yeah

Used someone: No

Been cheated on: Yea

Made yourself throw up after eating: No way!

Tried to commit suicide: nah

Wrote suicide notes: Never

Done something you regret: yes.. but things happen for a reason

Who was the last person you...

Talked to on the phone: Stephanie

Hugged: Josh

You instant messaged: Tim

That emailed you: My Mom

You laughed with: Ashley

Had a great time with: Rob, Adam and Ash (hey ash... i didn't even have to chnage this answer)

Fell in love with: Jeremy

Partied with: Mike, Evan, Craig, Ash, Tim

Got drunk with: See Above

Got high with: Ugh..

You missed:Craig

You went to a concert with: Ash OTOWN

Person you were pissed at: My Dad

Last person who IMed you: Josh G.

Person you had sex with: Nada

Do you/Are you...

Smoke cigarettes: Nope

Obsessive: No

Could you live without the computer?: Nah

How many peeps are on your buddylist?: To many to count

What's your favorite food? Lasanga

Whats your favorite fruit? Pineapple

Drink alcohol?: Yum!

Bulimic?: Nopez

Like watching sunrises or sunset?: SunSet!

What hurts the most, physical pain or emotional pain?: Emotional gets under your skin...

Trust others way too easily? Yes, but I am getting better at not

Have meaningless sex : No thought about it..

Shower daily: Yerp

Wish you were someone else: I wish I was Julia Stiles!


Of times you have had your heart broken?: Once

Of times your name has appeared in the newspaper?: A few times...

Of boys you have kissed?: can't count...

Of girls you have kissed?: None

Of drugs taken illegally? ;\

Tight friends? ha what is a tight friend?

Of cd's that I own? a few good ones!

Last Comments: In My EyEs yOuR tHe oNlY oNe fOr Me bUt mE AnD YoU aReN'T mEaNt tO bE YoUr iN mY hEArTs aNd mY dReAmS jUsT LeT mE bE yOuR eVeRyThInG...<33

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Happy SuperBowl! [26 Jan 2003|09:00am]
[ mood | envious ]

Hmm.... It's early, everyones away message is on and I am the only one up!

Last night I worked from 1-9. Made a big whoppin three bucks, and found out that someone who has worked there for a shorter period of time and is a total flake get's paid $8.00. Definatly pissed off about it.

Was supposed to hang out with Adam and Rob. My sister and I were supposed to go with them to this place in Howard County. I found out though that you have to drive down 7 Hills, and that's a very scary rode. My cousin was in a car accident on that road, and the other 4 people in the car were killed.

So Ash calls me at work and is like "Hey. I'm going to Craigs... Do you wanna go?" Personally I thought why do I wanna go over there and sit... but Craig's friend Brian was coming over and Craig wanted me to meet him. Well he seems super nice, but uh... he was very quiet.

Got home at about 12:30am and I have this e-mail from "SOMEBODYHASACRUSHONYOU" Well this has happened to me before and come to find out... sombody on the net has a crush on me. Big woopy de do!

Finally went upstairs I wasn't tired at all so I watched some old re-run of SNL on Comedy Central.

Here I sit now. Gotta work. Then I have to come home and pray that the washer is open, so I can wash my clothes for school. Then I have to clean my crazy hell hole.

-<3 Ashley Marie -<3

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Hey ya! [23 Jan 2003|06:18pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

Well Hmm... school was fun! haha

Had fun with Josh F. today!

Life seems to be ok for the moment.

I get paid tomorrow and I owe Billy $20. I owe my Dad about $300's but my check will only be about $220, so I am going to split up the payments I owe my dad for the celli. Anyone who has a job... it sucks when you spend your paycheck before you even get it.

Megan and Andrea.... Congrats on call backs for Grease! You both will get great parts!

Josh just stopped past... him and Chad and Rob and Meeker are all going to a concert tonight in DC and they needed directions.... so they stopped past. Josh broke my bed.....

Well I am off to watch "O" on DVD. It's a great movie and anyone who has never seen it and wants to do a movie date call me up! Everyone and there brother should watch that movie. Plus Julia Stiles is my hero!!

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Woo Hoo! [22 Jan 2003|02:02pm]
Well yesterday was the greatest! After school we all hung out. Ash and I, Josh F, Rob, Robb, Adam, and Mike. We all went back to Farlows house and chilled. Got home at about 9:15pm.

Today at lunch I left and went to McDonalds with Rob and Josh. It is so cold out, it's not even funny. BrRrRRr

Getting ready to go meet up with my Sis so we can go out and meet up with Josh and Rob. Not to sure if we are going to hang out for a little while or what... I will probably just go home with her. Have to work on a project for english since I am hanging out all day on Friday definatly not coming to school.

Well going to meet Ash.

lets get dirty

This might be long..... [18 Jan 2003|09:34pm]
Well the past couple days have been good, a few stressful one's here and there but for the most part I survived without going crazy.

On Wednesday school was closed because of a water main break. I thought for sure we wouldn't have school Friday too because when Jeremy left work on Thursday night.... there was a water main break right out front of his work on Kenwood Ave.

Friday.. we had a two hour delay because of this major snow storm we were "supposed" to have. After school I went right to Steph's house. She had to baby-sit which honestly... was alot of fun! Her two cousins came over and we played hide and go seek. Well then they got hungry so we fixed them dinner. Jeremy got off work and Buddy came over with him too. Well guess who wanted to play hide and go seek! Sure enough we played hide and go seek for another 2 hours. It was great fun. Then after hide and go seek we beat the shit out of each other with pillows! Buddy picked me up over his shoulder and started spinning me around. Well he lost his balance and dropped me. I was laughing so hard that it didn't even hurt. Then I am sure everyone knows the noodle trick through your nose and mouth... well Bobby and I did it. It was such a weird feeling but it was funny. Then after Steph and I got the kids down we joked around with Jeremy and Buddy. After the kids left, I fell asleep in the really big comfy round chair. What was so cute though... is Jeremy was playing play station 2 next to me in the other comfy chair... and he ended up falling asleep and so did I, and Steph ran and grabbed my camera and took a picture. I hope that picture turns out! That boy means the world to me, and I know you all know that too.

Well here we are at Saturday. I woke up to Steph's dad really upset. Randy rear ended this couple. And soon after Ms.Karen brought me home then I went to work. Work was slow and boring but I made six dollars in tip.

Chris Reber just left my house... well his little buddies that were in the car with him... were screaming obscene things, and my Dad went after them. My step mom called the cops and my Dad jumped out front of Chris's blazer and wouldn't let him pass. Finally Chris got out and my Dad and him settled it like adults.

Rob is supposedly on his way over, but he doesn't know exactly how to get here. He isn't very good with directions and when I went out last week with him, I was the navigator.

I have to work tomorrow a double... but that's ok. It will be a day filled with eating food and getting fat, and playing rummy.

Monday since we have off school, a whole bunch of us are going to go out and find some mischieve to cause. It'll be fun. Well I am going to go find a sweater to put on over this wife beater because it is very chilly!

-Ashley Marie
lets get dirty

Sitting in School Blah Blah Blah [16 Jan 2003|11:07am]
Well here I am... I left 3rd period... Mrs. Bethea's class. I have a hard time focusing in her class so I took my midterm and got a pass from Mrs. Spaight to go to the cafeteria.

There is another party going down on my house on Sunday night... so everyone thinks! Rob has decided since we don't have school on Monday that he is going to stay at my house for the hell of it!

Left last period from Mr. Cathey's and just walked around the halls. Have found myself here in the library, and now I am going to go wait upstairs for Josh and Ash!

I'm out let's all pray for snow!
lets get dirty

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