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It's been a while...

Hey guys. Yes I do still update this thing... when I have time. Geez though with Lacrosse starting now I don't ever really get online. I come home from school check my email and then go out with friends. I need to talk about getting more hours at work. These $100.00 paychecks aren't going to cut it for me unfortuantly.

Friday I went on a field trip to Towson University for the Model UN. It was so much fun. It carried on into Saturday. I had so much fun representing Spain and getting up and debating infront of people. It was great. Not only was it a good experience but I made friends out of it too. I got videotaped for the educational channel!!! Yippee!

Been trying to go up to the covered bridge... got up there Friday night and ended up getting out. Everytime we got out though a car would come past... so we just left.

Yesterday I had to work. 1-9. No biggie. I look working with Bryan and Evan. They making working fun! I don't like working with Mike anymore. With him being the manager now... he thinks that he is hot shit, and I don't agree with it and I told him what I thought last night and got yelled for it. I think that after I pay this money off I am probably going to being getting fired or just over all quitting.

Today I have to work... no biggie, it's Sunday an easy day! Zach wants me to go to his house and watch a movie with him but I have so much stuff to do... we'll see.

Tomorrow is a dreadful B-day. Yippee... I hate B day's. First and third period aren't bad just freaking Math, UGH! Have Lacrosse practice outside tomorrow. I hope it isn't super dooper cold out because my hands get really numb holding the stick. I am also going to have my Dad call up Baltimore County and have him get a copy of birth certificate so I can go get my lerners!

Well I am going to go talk to a few people then head off to work!
<33 Ashley MaRie
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