mizundastoodluv (mizundastoodluv) wrote,

Good Morning!

Well here I am on another wonderful B day. Err! Tim picked us up today for school! It wasn't bad at all... we rode behind a big red truck to school! YAY

I am kind of scared to drive home because well Tim says he can make it from School to our house in less then 4 minutes! wA!

Aww I think Evan and I are going to go out soon. I think I am going to ask him.... not really traditional but ya know.... Then me and him can take lot's of pics because in the yearbook we are doing a couples page! Aww.... that would be sweet! Chad we might take a pic of you and Heather too...

Ash's days of driving school are slowing coming to an end! She is hoping to nbe driving by the end of Feburary. That would be awesome! I am going to get her some telephone books!!! wA!

Well I am sitting here in the library bored as anything. Gabe's English class is in the computer lab right now, and Ms. Jone's isn't here. It is complete chaos today!!!

Oh I almost forgot... when we were walking into school all the snow on the buliding blew off and it was like the blizzard of 2003. It was awesome! wA!

Don't ask about the whole wA! It's something my "husband" <~~~ LOL did!
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