mizundastoodluv (mizundastoodluv) wrote,

It's been a long time...

Hi Ya! Good Morning. It's been along time since I updated... I know I know, I just hardly have time for myself led alone a journal online.

The past couple days have been good. I got my schedule all figured out after sitting in Pat Browns office trying to figure out what I would do.

GT Engilsh 11
AP US History
Pre- Calculus
GT Physics
Yearbook II
Journalisim II
Film Appreciation
Interior Design

It's a hard schedule... but hey I'll be out soon enough.
Not to much has been going on. Been hanging out alot after school with a whole bunch of people. Yesterday was fun... Hung out with Jason, and Farlow, Chad and Heather, Rob and Meeker... and my sis was there! (save the best for last)

Can't wait to get off work tonight. I work from 11-7. Can;t wait to get out of there. I want to go out, but since I am leaving early I am going to forfiet my tips. Last night I made 10 dollars!I kick ass working up front! I am a people person!

I am going to go get a shower, by the time I figure out what I am going to wear and then I have to walk it will be about 11am.

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