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Happy SuperBowl!

Hmm.... It's early, everyones away message is on and I am the only one up!

Last night I worked from 1-9. Made a big whoppin three bucks, and found out that someone who has worked there for a shorter period of time and is a total flake get's paid $8.00. Definatly pissed off about it.

Was supposed to hang out with Adam and Rob. My sister and I were supposed to go with them to this place in Howard County. I found out though that you have to drive down 7 Hills, and that's a very scary rode. My cousin was in a car accident on that road, and the other 4 people in the car were killed.

So Ash calls me at work and is like "Hey. I'm going to Craigs... Do you wanna go?" Personally I thought why do I wanna go over there and sit... but Craig's friend Brian was coming over and Craig wanted me to meet him. Well he seems super nice, but uh... he was very quiet.

Got home at about 12:30am and I have this e-mail from "SOMEBODYHASACRUSHONYOU" Well this has happened to me before and come to find out... sombody on the net has a crush on me. Big woopy de do!

Finally went upstairs I wasn't tired at all so I watched some old re-run of SNL on Comedy Central.

Here I sit now. Gotta work. Then I have to come home and pray that the washer is open, so I can wash my clothes for school. Then I have to clean my crazy hell hole.

-<3 Ashley Marie -<3
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