mizundastoodluv (mizundastoodluv) wrote,

Woo Hoo!

Well yesterday was the greatest! After school we all hung out. Ash and I, Josh F, Rob, Robb, Adam, and Mike. We all went back to Farlows house and chilled. Got home at about 9:15pm.

Today at lunch I left and went to McDonalds with Rob and Josh. It is so cold out, it's not even funny. BrRrRRr

Getting ready to go meet up with my Sis so we can go out and meet up with Josh and Rob. Not to sure if we are going to hang out for a little while or what... I will probably just go home with her. Have to work on a project for english since I am hanging out all day on Friday definatly not coming to school.

Well going to meet Ash.

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