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This might be long.....

Well the past couple days have been good, a few stressful one's here and there but for the most part I survived without going crazy.

On Wednesday school was closed because of a water main break. I thought for sure we wouldn't have school Friday too because when Jeremy left work on Thursday night.... there was a water main break right out front of his work on Kenwood Ave.

Friday.. we had a two hour delay because of this major snow storm we were "supposed" to have. After school I went right to Steph's house. She had to baby-sit which honestly... was alot of fun! Her two cousins came over and we played hide and go seek. Well then they got hungry so we fixed them dinner. Jeremy got off work and Buddy came over with him too. Well guess who wanted to play hide and go seek! Sure enough we played hide and go seek for another 2 hours. It was great fun. Then after hide and go seek we beat the shit out of each other with pillows! Buddy picked me up over his shoulder and started spinning me around. Well he lost his balance and dropped me. I was laughing so hard that it didn't even hurt. Then I am sure everyone knows the noodle trick through your nose and mouth... well Bobby and I did it. It was such a weird feeling but it was funny. Then after Steph and I got the kids down we joked around with Jeremy and Buddy. After the kids left, I fell asleep in the really big comfy round chair. What was so cute though... is Jeremy was playing play station 2 next to me in the other comfy chair... and he ended up falling asleep and so did I, and Steph ran and grabbed my camera and took a picture. I hope that picture turns out! That boy means the world to me, and I know you all know that too.

Well here we are at Saturday. I woke up to Steph's dad really upset. Randy rear ended this couple. And soon after Ms.Karen brought me home then I went to work. Work was slow and boring but I made six dollars in tip.

Chris Reber just left my house... well his little buddies that were in the car with him... were screaming obscene things, and my Dad went after them. My step mom called the cops and my Dad jumped out front of Chris's blazer and wouldn't let him pass. Finally Chris got out and my Dad and him settled it like adults.

Rob is supposedly on his way over, but he doesn't know exactly how to get here. He isn't very good with directions and when I went out last week with him, I was the navigator.

I have to work tomorrow a double... but that's ok. It will be a day filled with eating food and getting fat, and playing rummy.

Monday since we have off school, a whole bunch of us are going to go out and find some mischieve to cause. It'll be fun. Well I am going to go find a sweater to put on over this wife beater because it is very chilly!

-Ashley Marie
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